Saturday, August 30, 2008

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rand

Has anyone read this yet? I've started it a couple of times, and can't seem to get into it. Someone please give me a pep talk and tell me how wonderful it is and help me get motivated.

I'm sure it's fabulous, but the copy I have is just so long with really small print, so it's not enjoyable to read.

If no one else is reading it, then I think I'll abandon ship and not try anymore.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Real Life Book Club Picks

Check it out! My Public Library checks out sets of books to book clubs! So for my real-life book club, otherwise known as the Squeaky Clean Book Club, I reserved some titles for the next three months! I'm so excited and hoping that they're good books, and clean so I don't get kicked out. For September, I chose The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, October's book is Bee Season by Myla Goldberg, and November's is At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon.

I was so thrilled to find out that they carried book club sets. I'm sick of buying someone else's choice because there are never enough copies at the library. The sets have 10 books and include a binder with summary, author information, discussion questions, criticism, reviews and other information. SweeeeeeT! If someone loses a title, you have to replace it or pay $10 - but I'm making them sign a contract so I can give them major crap if they lose one.

So, are you in a real-life book club? Does your library do this kind of thing? Want to read along? Have you read any of these? Are they going to hang me by my toenails for choosing them?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cool Book Pick

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand - highly recommended by real people. Kinda long, but very interesting concept. What if the people in our society who hold us up, decided to quit carrying the slackers? I'm intrigued. What do you think?