Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pick a book

i think since we have several people on this blog we need to pick a book to read together. (i hope everyone has finished Teacher by now!) i belong to a book club at home but i can juggle 3 or 4 books at a time. any ideas? i love to make suggestions but i need to expand the variety of books i read. i'm up for a good fiction for the month of february. speak up ladies!

let's read!


crystal said...

Oh, hee hee! That's right--I knew there was someone who might not have known what I was talking about :) Sorry!

SuperCoolMom said...

I chose last time, you guys choose! I'm up for anything, but some good, fun fiction sounds great! I'm all about reading for an escape.

Michelle said...

I think that is a good idea. Also who ever chooses should open the discussion with a post and then we all discuse in the comments. So who goes first?? Also how long are we going to give to read the book? 2weeks,a month?

I'm reading Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale. It's a fun fiction. We could read that.

kay said...

this is off book topic but i want you guys to know that i am a believer in Jesus Christ. i'm just not a LDS. and if you would like to let me know what the difference is, i'm willing to listen. :)

and back on topic i think michelle picked the book. so lets go with book of a thousand days. i'll make a new post about it

Dancin Queen said...

Kay, It is obvious that you are a believer of Jesus Christ and Christian. And just a really great person! There are a couple of points of doctrine that are a little different in our church than others. First off, in addition to the Bible (which we love and cherish) we also study the Book of Mormon. As you know, Jesus Christ came to Earth, and we have a record of his teachings while he was here that is found in the Bible. We also know that during his ministry, he visited the Nephite and Lamanite peoples of the Americas. The Book of Mormon is an account of his teachings to the people on this continent. Very similar to the Bible, just another record of more people.

I would love to send you a copy of the Book of Mormon. I think you'll find it fascinating. Will you email me your mailing address? My email is brianwendi@msn.com

crystal said...

Kay, um, dearie, I've READ YOUR BLOG!!! Anyone who reads your blog knows right away you're a Christ-centered, faith-oriented woman. :)

I was going to start answering your question, but then I read Wendi's comment and she summed it up perfectly.

Anyway--I sure hope I didn't make any weird waves...I had just realized that I sometimes use LDS terminology for our church structure and there are LOTS of my CUTE, FUN FRIENDS that don't know what I mean when I say "my ward."


Now, get reading :)