Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book of a Thousand Days Discussion

WOW, I can hardly believe it has been two weeks already!! I hope everyone has had a chance to get the book and read it. If you haven't, hurry and read it! It is a VERY fast read.

***Spoiler Alert***

I really liked this book. I loved Dashti and her humer in all things. She had a strength about her that Lady Saren didn't have. Perhaps it was because of what she saw and how she was treated by her father that took it all from her. Dashti was alot more patient then I would have been with Lady Saren.

What did you think about Lady Saren? After you found out about her youth did your perception change?

At first I thought her spoiled. I would get so frustrated with her crying on. I couldn't understand what she was so afraid of. After I found out what happened I understood more. I couldn't imagine what she went through seeing this man she is supposed to marry turn into a wolf and having a father who she couldn't even talk to. I know for a fact that without Dashti she would have died.


Dancin Queen said...

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't even made it to the bookstore yet to buy it!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey Wendi, Don't be embarrassed because I just found it last night. I had checked several bookstores and the public library and couldn't get my hands on it. I finally had to drive over by ASU where they had 3 copies at a Borders. Crazy! I wonder if it's sold out because it's popular or because no one is carrying it.

Anyway, I'm starting it today.

crystal said...

I'm so lame! I want to participate in the discussion but I haven't read it! I'm on the hold list at the library b/c I'm too cheap to buy it in hardback.

crystal said...

So let's choose our next book. That way, while we discuss Book of a Thousand Days, I can be on the hold list for the next one.

SuperCoolMom said...

I can't even believe what a whiner Saren was. I'd gotten the impression that she was much younger than Dashti, simply because of her behavior. Thank goodness for Dashti. I loved her calm, her positive attitude, and her loyalty.

kay said...

i really enjoyed it! i wanted to smack Saren. how worthless. if you can't better your situation make the best of it. hurry up and read it and we can all discuss together. (i read it in one day. it's super fast)

Michelle said...

I suppose seeing her intended turn into a wolf and being abused by her father didn't help out her self esteem. I just think that she could have been stronger. I loved Dashti. She is a great heroin.

Hurry and finish you guys. It is fast, I too read it in one day.

Who wants to choose the next book?? Perhaps we should do a month to locate and read.

Michelle said...

Supercoolmom, I just read your idea about a group chat for Days. I think that would great! Like Kay, I know how to set one up on Yahoo but that's about it. When do we want to do it??

kay said...

well just remember i am on the east coast. i don't mind doing it late at night. so you ladies pick. i'm guessing you are all in the mountain time zone?

Dancin Queen said...

Just finished, and I la-la-la loved it! Loved the way it was narrated, loved the romance at the end, think the ending was perfect.

Agree with everyone on Saren's whining.

I wouldn't have loved it as much if it was supposed to be a book for adults (themes and descriptions not really developped as well as I would expect for adult literature), but for a young adult book, I thought it was great. Quick, easy read.

Crystal, I bought it if you want to borrow it. (I'm too cheap to go buy a library membership.) For everyone else--our library here costs like $80 to get a membership. Hellooooo--doesn't public library mean anything anymore?